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ACI – chain of 22 charming marinas along the picturesque Croatian coast

Do you know how much blue can be sea, how many stars can be counted on the sky and how nice it is to return to nature, people, and even ourselves? Can you imagine a week or two just your day without newspapers, television and politics? Do you know how to vote crickets, smell of pine trees and lavender and forests waves of the Croatian Adriatic?

There’s more than one thousand and each is a story in itself and everyone has a lot in common. The words all the Croatian islands is not possible. So be part of the endless stories and experience the beautiful coastline before you present a second!

Get away from mass tourism, the town beach only replace its bay.
You will meet so The most beautiful Croatian side, exceptional country for an unforgettable vacation.





In Rovinj is impossible not to feel good. This idyllic town is a magnificent jewel of Istria who wins charm, colors, medieval architecture and cuisine. Euphemia maternal warmth watch over these former fishing village that in recent decades, reached the top of Croatian tourism, and Rovinj ACI marina is a real goldfish that will boaters and friends must meet all the desires and needs.

ACI marine UMAG

Umag, a town and port on the north west coast of Istria, the first nautical entering Croatia from central Europe, only 40 km from Trieste and 50 nautical miles from Venice. The city dates back to Roman times and is located in an attractive bay, which is the most prestigious decoration ACI marina.

ACI marine PULA

The largest Istrian city of Pula is a place filled historical sites, one of which is certainly the largest amphitheater. Among locals popularly called Arena is one of the best preserved buildings from the era of the Roman Empire in the world, a clear evidence of the turbulent millennial history of this region. The huge natural harbor used since early antiquity, and served as the main naval port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire..

ACI marine POMER

At the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula, in the deepest part of Medulin Bay, the ACI marina Pomer. The fascinating nature of Istria here will enchant you in all its fullness – water, wind and clean nature will help you to disconnect from all worries and tensions. The attraction Moves recognized by the ancient Romans, who were building their houses.



Protected from strong winds highest Istrian mountain Ucka, not far from the first marine resort on the Adriatic and the cradle of elite tourism in the area since the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there is the ACI marina Opatija in Icici. The best port for yachts up to 40 meters in the northern Adriatic maritime tradition proudly recorded as many as 30 centuries ago. In the 9th century BC here lived descendants of the Liburnians, the great builders of fast ships were built of wooden planks and rope sewn which sailed to North Africa and Asia Minor.

ACI marine CRES

United marina on the island of Cres is situated in the very center of the biggest, but also the most sparsely populated Adriatic island. Cres has been a destination for nature lovers and eco-activists from Europe and the world – because of the griffon vulture, the third largest bird species in the world that can be seen only on the island of Cres and surrounding the two islands, and because of unusual natural phenomenon – the freshwater Vrana Lake …

ACI marine RAB

On the island of amazing diversity of natural, beautiful beaches, rich history and cultural and historical monuments, dating from Roman times, are situated even two ACI marinas – Rab and Barbat. The first of these decorations is the same name of the city, the largest island town and the center of culture, education and art which for centuries cultivated on the island. ACI marina Rab is situated in the city’s port, and sailors offers plenty of activities – from the restaurant to the workshop.


Barbat is the name of the town and the bay, which is a natural extension of the most productive and highest Rab fields. Name comes from the church and the Basilica of St.Peter erected in the 11th century. How does the church over the centuries did not change significantly, today this is the only Romanesque church in the Adriatic, which is unchanged in use 900 years ago. The resort Barbat raised the valuable hands of Rab fishermen, but today, with fishing, the main activity of the inhabitants, of course, tourism.



In the western part of the island, in Neum channel, the ACI marina Šimuni – a kind of northern entrance to Dalmatia, last marina of the Kvarner island circle. The island of Pag its seemingly harsh vistas offers a different picture than the one you are used to on the Adriatic islands – here are the colors different, unusual structure of stone, and the sun shines almost all year round

ACI marine ŽUT

Is the one of the islands of the Kornati archipelago. It is located between the island of Pasman on the one hand, the boat via Ugljan, connected to the mainland and the island of Kornat. Its surface area is only ten miles square, and wide just two. The highest peak 172 meters high, has a steep and indented coastline is dotted with numerous coves most important Hiljaća, Saruscica, Bizikovica, Golubovac, Žešnja, Podražanj and Strunac.


How Vodice owes its name to the wells to dry up even during the hottest summer days, Vodice traded water with islanders until the 19th century, a memorial that two wells that still stand in the town square. Since Croatian independence Vodice become an important tourist center whose offer significantly enriched the construction of the marina.Vodice town surrounded by the sea, islands and rivers, and nearby are two national parks – Krka and Kornati.


One of the most beautiful marina is located in the central Adriatic Sea, at the mouth of the river Krka. ACI Marina Skradin is open to sailors all year long, and especially the price of wooden ship owners who prefer to spend the winter here because of the unique combination of sea and fresh water. Marina Skradin s town center is a single whole.Skradin captures extremely rich history and status of the city boasts more than 23 centuries!


Island Piskera uninhabited island whose area is only 2.66 square kilometers, the highest peak 127 meters above sea level. ACI marina is the only civilizing in nature, surrounded the mosaic of islands and islets, rocks and lighthouse. Apart from the majestic scenery breathtaking, marina Piskera among boaters is especially popular because it is halfway through the National Park.


Jezera are considered to be the best kept place in Croatia, fishermen and seafarers which boasts crystal-clear sea, authentic customs, calm cobbled streets and a rich history since ancient times. Five years in a row crowned Blue Flower Croatian National Tourist Board, the most prestigious recognition for the beauty and arrangement of the environment, lakes boast and ACI marina.



Trogir is a town museum, and it literally. The entire historical core in 1997 was included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Listing all the wonderful location of this dobrodržećeg medieval beauties, who assumed its present contours between the 13th and 15th centuries, would not last long, but the first in the list of course is the cathedral of St. Lovre with the famous Portal of Master Radovan …

ACI marine SPLIT

On the ruins of the Greek Aspalathos in the immediate vicinity of Salona, ​​an ancient urban center, the Roman emperor Diocletian around 293 AD built a magnificent palace in which to spend their last days. From the Palace, the best preserved late antique palace in the world, developed today’s Split, capital of Dalmatia, which conquers Mediterranean charm and magnificent architecture.


Opposite the island and the town of Hvar, at a distance of only 2.5 nm, there is Palmižana, famous Hvar’s resort. Hidden in one of the safest in the Adriatic bay, on an island without cars, Palmižana is the ideal refuge for all who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. At this popular yachting destination, you can experience a relaxed and carefree holiday in the unique atmosphere of harmony with nature.

ACI marine MILNA

Milna is the biggest, most protected and most beautiful Brac harbor on the west coast of the island. It is located in the bay that overlooks the Split door. Milna developed at the resort in the early 16th century, where it became the most important port on the island, and there is a role held two long centuries. Where charming city streets meet the sea, there is a marina Milna, which has 183vezova in the sea and 15 boat places on land.


Although it is the smallest place on the island of Hvar, Vrboska other easily overshadowed by its beauty that in the first place thanks to a specific geographic location. Located on the northern coast of the island, deep in the Gulf at the end of a narrow, curving fjord. In the middle of the bay lies the islet and across the canal stretch numerous small bridges, why Vrboska is sometimes referred to as Little Venice.



In the south of Dalmatia, where a series of stops and starts the islands open sea, at the foot of Srđ lies the pearl of the Adriatic and an honorary citizen of the UNESCO list of World Heritage. The city of Dubrovnik dates back to the 7th century, and with the rich cultural and tourist offer, only 6 km from the old Lake is at the mouth of the river Ombla,…


The town of Korcula, situated in the northeast of the southern Dalmatian island of the same name, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns on the Croatian coast, and the Mediterranean, and it is rightly called little Dubrovnik. ACI marina Korcula lies, however, next to the historical center of the city with so flattering epithet.

ACI marine SLANO

Already next year ACI nautical family became more numerous for another member – ACI marina Slano Salt, the administrative center of the region of Dubrovnik, but next year he joined the ACI’s large family. After marina Korcula and Dubrovnik, the joy of numerous sailors and builds the third marina in Dubrovnik County – Slano marina,